Graphic designing is a creative and highly artistic field. It demands a lot of passion, time and hardwork to learn and master the craft because it could get really difficult to learn all of the principles that govern it. Graphic designing is the art of communicating through pictures, and shapes. Graphic designers use shapes, pictures and symbols to communicate with other people.

Most graphic designers typically learn all about their course in a university where things are regimented. However, this means that for those who aren’t members of any institution and who do their best to learn graphic designing on their own, getting to store that much amount of knowledge in a short time is just as difficult for them.

But there is a way that the field couldĀ  be leveled to help the other people learn Graphic Designing really fast. Here are ten things that would help you learn graphic designing faster than ever.

1. Read Books On Graphics Designing

How else would you have knowledge about anything in Graphics designing if you don’t read any books on Graphic designing? Read books that would help you by giving you the basic knowledge of your field of study. So get well authored books. “The Elements of Topography Style” by Robert Bringhurst is a good one.

2. Follow And Read Blogs And Social Media Pages That Focus On Graphic Designing

Whatever your passion is should consume you and when it does, you’ll assimilate more knowledge about it. If you want to accelerate your knowledge of graphic designing, follow graphic designing blogs and read their content every day. Be very dedicated. Do the same on Facebook and other social media platforms. You’ll find out that everyday, you’ll learn a new technique or a better way of doing your work. In fact you might discover that you are learning far more from these avenues than you would ever learn in a classroom. Another bonus to doing this is that you would be very inspired by the array of work you would see and that would move you unconsciously to be better at your own.

3. Watch And Learn From The Best Graphic Designers

What better teacher in a field than the best. They would have better advice and better skills to teach. Follow the best graphic designers on social media and pay attention to their posts, you’ll learn a whole lot from them.

4. Study The Best Graphics Design Works In The World

This includes the best logos and the best designed business cards. It’s important that you try to study them because they would offer you inspiration that would help make your work better. Read up on the process, the thought and the work that went into producing those master pieces. Those stories would have a huge impact on you and would probably teach you a few things about graphics designing.

5. Align Yourself With Other Graphic Designers Like You

There are many other graphic designers around. Don’t be an island. Mingle with other graphic designers and learn from them while they also learn from you. You would find someone who knows a bit more about graphics designing than you and would be willing to teach you one or two new things. Join a group of graphics designers online and make some new friends. One example of an online graphic design online group is Creattica.

6. Let Other People View Your Work And Be Willing To Listen To Criticism

It can be hard to let other people who don’t know how hard it might have been to design a work look at your work but you have to if you want to learn quickly. A little constructive criticism wouldn’t hurt you, in fact it would give you better ideas on how to do a particular thing. So, listen to critics.

7. Take A Couple Online Classes And YouTube Tutorials

You can learn quite a lot from these avenues. All you need is to have time to watch the videos and a little money to pay for some of the courses. They would make your work better of course and give you a better handle on your graphic designing concepts.

8. Practice, Experiment And Practice Some More

Nothing cements knowledge more than practice and nothing also opens up a person’s mind than trial and fail. Learn to practice all of the skills you have learned and then do a bit of trial and fail, you might discover a new and better way of doing something. So whenever you have time, tinker on the laptop and just try out a few tools, you might be surprised at what you’ll learn.

9. Devote Time To Your Pursuit

In the beginning of this article I said that graphic designing needed talent, and time. Time is an important part of knowledge. The difference between a professional graphic designer and an average graphic designer is time. Time is directly proportional to knowledge. The longer you spend on something, the more you learn about that thing. So a professional in any field has put in more time and more effort towards leaning his craft than an average person in the same field.

10. Have A Burning Passion For Graphic Designing

A burning passion for graphics designing is very important if you want to learn the craft amazingly fast. This is because where there is passion, there exists a lot of willingness to work hard and brave the odds. If you are passionate about learning to be a graphic designer, you’ll get there in half the time it would take someone else who doesn’t have as much passion to get there.


Graphic designing is an art that needs a lot of time to learn and if you apply all the 10 tools above, you’ll learn a lot in a short time.