The Future Mercedez-Benz Bus Make Semi-Automated Trip

July 19, 2016 Uncategorized

The Future Mercedez-Benz Bus wit…

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The Future Mercedez-Benz Bus Make Semi-Automated Trip

The Future Mercedez-Benz Bus wit CityPilot has begun operating in a semi-automated along public roads in Netherlands, teasing a future with buses and similar public transportation relies on autonomous technology to drive around.

The bus navigated across the Bus Rapid Transit rout from the Airport of Netherland Line 300 ‘Schalkwijk Centrum’ bus-stop within the city of Harlem.

The bus is not entirely independently at this time; it will require a driver to be in place and performing certain actions before the bus start to operate.

While the driver isn;t control the bus, the Mercedes-Benz operated by the CityPilot. Moreover, also if the driver places their feet towards pedal or takes the steering wheel, The CityPilot will switch off, and driver will get a manual control to the bus.

Source and image by Slash Gear