The OurMine group confirmed that it had able to compromise Twitter CEO’s Jack Dorsey Account by tweeting links to its website though Dorsey accounts with the message “testing security.”

The group did not have the control to the account for long, recently after the tweet posted it was held offline and even though, they kept throwing out identical tweets and them almosts rapidly deleted.

It’s unclear if how OurMine makes an agreement to Dorsey’s account but it does appear that all of the tweets will sent by his account they came through Vine. It means that perhaps they were able to gain access to Vine or another connecting service.

The OurMine is behind similar hacks on account of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Since the group does not do anything wicked or downright embarrassing using the comprised accounts, they may only to point out these people to shore up their security and nobody can truly speak their intentions.

Source: Uber Gizmo
Image by REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

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