Russia’s Leading Search Engine is Building Google Equivalent to Self-Driving Car

August 27, 2016 Uncategorized

The Yandex is a leading…

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The Yandex is a leading search engine in Russia , which adding a list a driverless minibus that creating a partnership with Russian truck maker Kamaz and Nami, a government-funded research organization focusing automotive industry and Daimler.

A statement from Fortune, The Yandex will work a contribution from to its computer vision, speech recognition, and AI, while NAMI will offer for testing and research facility, and also KAMAZ will presumably lend the manufacturing process to actual building the micro-bus.

NAMI will begin testing the bus on the closed courses next year. The bus can seat twelve people and have a maximum range around 200km (124 miles).

The Yandex self-driving is also let passengers choose particular destination via a smartphone app.

Source and Image: techcrunch