List of Edgar Matobato Statements the Allied Hitman of President Duterte

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Edgar Matobato is behind the…

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List of Edgar Matobato Statements the Allied Hitman of President Duterte

Edgar Matobato is behind the scene; I listed all the said statement that cross the real truth “LIER.”

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  • Mr. Nograles is not had any bodyguards killed due to politics.
  • The school of Paulo Duterte is Philippine Women;s College (PWC) in Davao not in Ateneo Davao.
  • Mr. Notabato was never a bodyguard to Paulo Duterte as confirmed by a schoolmate.
  • PAOCTF was abolished last 2001 and not 2002 thus there was no such meeting.
  • Mr. Richard King was killed in his office and not in McDo Hotel.
  • There is no man named listed in Matobato in CAFGU as confirmed by Philippine Army.
  • Shot of 30 bullets of their victims and still alive?
  • Paolo Duterte was taking drugs and according to the statement and looks hearsay.
  • Mr. Edgar Matobato said that a ghost employee by Davao City Hall and receiving 3K per month but changing to 5K in the middle of a conversation.
  • According to his statement, he killed almost 50 persons but later change to 1K or more. 
  • On 2003 said CHR Delima had police operation to did alleged graves and was planned to be ambushed, but Senator Delima immediately corrected that it was 2009. Who is the witness?
  • He alleged he was a ghost employee in Davao City Hall at the same time working at the Police Arm Office of the City Mayor and received a monthly wage, But City Hall and COA officials confirmed that there are no such ghost employee practices in the city.
  • He cannot explain how and who brought him to the Senate and became a witness.
  • He said he does not have any access to Television, mobile devices, newspaper or radio, But the wife of Richard King called him when he was hiding in Pangasinan.
  • Verify that he killed an individual terrorist with a name Sali Makdum, but there is no such name even you search in GOOGLE.
  • There is no Gaisano Subdivision in Davao.