Social media is everything these days, whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or Pinterest. The important thing is for your business to use at least some of these channels to the max.

Different Techniques

Choose the social media channel that best suits you. Honestly, you need to be all over, even though you can probably not master them all. This is why you should make a choice. And as soon as you have chosen, stick with it. You’ll find that the different social media have different techniques. And these are important to identify and master.


If you have somewhat of a budget, the best thing to do is to approach a social media consulting service. These people will be able to analyze your case and come up with an overall strategy for you to simply follow. But, of course, you need to realize that the world is full of “experts” these days, so you need to pick and choose who you listen to.

Do It Yourself

However, there are many things you can do yourself. And even if you do not understand social media, in fact maybe particularly if you do not understand social media, should you set aside a few weeks and months, roll up your sleeves and simply get into it. Who knows, after some time researching social media, maybe you’ll become an expert yourself? But don’t forget to live the way you preach, so an absolutely must is to be personally present in several of the most important social media!

Let’s have a look at 6 fantastic ways you can promote your business on social media

Think Branding

Make a brand out of your business. Most people thing that brands are only really important for big companies, but this is not true. A brand is simply a way of communicating what your company stands for. And the important thing to realize is that people are very slow in remembering what they see and read. This is why it is easier to remember brands, as they focus their message, and choose to put out their name and identity everywhere they can. This makes it easier to remember. And if you’re remembered, you’re much better off. So, choose a catchy name, make a logo that will attract attention, choose colors and a visual style that you stick to, and off you go!

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Mix And Mingle With Real People

Social media is all about “friends” and contacts, but it is easy to lose track of real people Do not mistake a social media friend for someone who can really make a difference in your lie. The one mistake most people do on social media is over valuing likes and friends. Yes, having a like is an asset, but maybe not as much as you thing. The same thing can be said about a follower. Some people simply follow a page without having any intention of buying that company’s product or even wanting to have anything to do with them. So this can turn into a bubble.
Instead, go for real people. Make sure you have a hard core of real fans, real allies, real prospects and real customers.

Focus On Sales

On the same token, make sure you use actual sales as a parameter for success. Having a follower or a like is not really worth something unless this is converted into a sale later. And, as mentioned, there is probably a huge inflation in the way most people look at likes. Fix this by focusing more on sales. You need sales for the money to come in, as a like does not pay the bills. So focus on the real things. Focus on the sale.

Create Great Content

You have probably heard that content is king, and it’s true. People go online to get information or to be entertained. If you create great content for your followers, you will give them yet another reason to follow you. But focus on creating g-r-e-a-t content, and not the normal mediocre content. The net is full of people who churn out low-quality content, and although this may produce some clicks here and there, these things never win in the long runs. Start listening to what your followers want, roll up your sleeves, work up a sweat and start giving.

Be Present

Time is short, but you have to invest time to succeed on social media. And this means being present. You cannot afford to hide away for hours or days. People want instant gratification. Once in a while, you need to take your breaks, and it’s important to balance your professional life, which is probably online, with your “real” life, which is definitely offline. But when you work, be present, and do not let people wait too long if they want to get a hold of you. Having said that, once you start becoming successful you will probably need someone to read your email for you. Otherwise, you’ll lose hours on end!

1. Be positive

More than anything else, try to be positive. Social media is all about human interaction. And people do not like sad, moody, angry or negative folks. Let all your messages, and all your interactions are positive, and you are sure to get a much greater response! Being happy sells!

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