Business-to-consumer (B2C) Marketing Automation is normally aimed at increasing your brand revenue through leads and conversions. It also aims at boosting your sales by reducing the market overheads. In this approach, the sale gap appears short and fast. To further understand B2C Marketing Automation, have a look at the following eight program examples.

1. Customer Welcoming Programs

This is to automatically welcome the customer as soon as they subscribe to a news letter or sign up for an account. Each time a new customer sign ups on your site, you have to send them a notification email. This is aimed to welcome the customer and possibly introduce him or her to the brand. It’s more of an introductory email. With such information, the customer gets enlightened on what to expect from the brand or firm. In as much as you are introducing the brand to the customer, you prime goal should be to convince them to continue shopping on the platform.

2. Programs On Repurchase

It’s important that you integrate a program to collect the feedback from the customers. Your platform should engage the customer effectively. You get to ask them to rate your product and service. If possible, ask them to leave a review or personal suggestion in regard to their shopping experience. For effective B2C Marketing Automation, feedbacks and reviews are very important in generating traffic to the site. This in turn boosts the chances of generating more revenue for the brand when you have a larger customer base. You will get many new customers subscribing to news letter and they get to read the positive reviews.

To add credibility to the testimony, ask the customer to tag a photo on their shopping experience. This will necessitate credibility and reputation for the brand and the customers will have a better understanding of the product.

3. Reminder Notification

This program is targeted at the customer who opened the first email but never got the time to click through the links. The notification aims at luring the customer to click the links. For effective achievement, you should attach offers to the notifications to entice the customer. They need to know the importance of clicking the link and what they stand to gain if they do so. It’s crucial that you notify them on the offer period and why they should take advantage of the opportunity before the offer expires.

4. Multichannel Links

It’s very necessary to have a program that integrates texts, emails and adverts on the same framework. It’s however not wise to send the same message over Adverts and E-mails at the same time. You need to do proper timing to know when to send an email and when to send an Advert.

5. Special Treatment Program

There are different types of customers that visit your site. You have to identify and class them. A successive B2C Marketing Automation gets to identify the most important group of customers and offer them extra attention. This means that you have to notify them of the available offers first. You need to focus on your frequent shoppers. You should also offer discount on neutral and undecided customers to influence them buy. The Special Treatment Program is a very instrumental feature in your sales campaign and should not be assumed.

6. Split Testing Program

The quality and effectiveness needs testing and evaluation. You need to do the testing as frequent as possible. How do you go about it? It is actually simple. You need to set control groups and run experiments to determine the best option that suits your brand and customer. When doing so, remember to test a single product at a time.

7. Transactional Command

The B2C Automation should invoke an operational Transaction Program. This is to deliver information initiated by the customer. Such information may be on registration or purchases. You should be able to monitor the transactions on your platform and properly attend to them automatically. Proper linkage is crucial for a smooth running. The customer also needs options on making payment that are linked to the main server. You should be able to tell when a purchase is made and the identity of the buyer.

8. Success Measurement

Last but not the least; you need to establish a framework that measures the success of your brand. A B2C Marketing Automation can only make sense if you are able to measure your achievements. Learn to know how your product is performing. With this, you will know what actions to take to improve quality and productivity. Its wise that before you begin any marketing campaign, get to set goals and objectives. You have to make sure that you put mechanisms in place to achieve them. The Success Measurement Program is very essential in automatically evaluate your performance.