Apparently, Amanda Faye is just 25 and weighs more than 100 kilo grams. At this age, you can actually see that she is too young to have gained such a weight within a very short period of time. From the scientific research and proposals, a normal woman needs 1500 calories per day so that she can maintain her shape. On the other hand, she could add 500 calories just to gain weight more than the normal weight. The amount calories utilized by men is slightly higher than this basically because of muscle tone maintenance.

Why Motivated Her To Enjoy Her Weight And Size

An influence from previous boyfriend! Really? Yes, Amanda on one of her videos confessed that she once dated a boyfriend who was so much into federalism and he valued watching women gain weight. That is one of the ideas that made her want to remain that way. That is basically the power of appreciating oneself despite how you look or what others say about you. As much as we may hate the way we look, someone else has found a reason to smile about the way they are and that is extraordinary. This is something that should be emulated.

How About Health Concerns?

On the flip side of things, you will agree with me that weight gain or obesity is a disease. There are a number of risks that Amanda could face. First is an eventual heart attack. Weight gain means that some of the fats have accumulated around your heart. In no time, you will be feeling like you cannot breath, your chest is heavy and the one a day will come when you will encounter such an eventuality. As much as it is a source of income for Amanda, it is also a source of imminent death.

Overeating Increases Constipation

If we think based on the idea that Amanda keeps eating the whole day just to make her fans happy. However, we should consider the health side of things. A human stomach is smaller in size and can expand to a certain limit depending on one’s age. When it exceeds that limit, then the stomach bag can’t take it anymore and that is when you constipate to stagnation of food. This is unhealthy. Unless she vomits the excess ingested food, then you will agree with me that overeating is a mess.