American, Russian, and Japanese Astronauts Boarding a Space Station

The Russia, United States and Japan have united with three astronauts boarded the International Space Station on Saturday after a two days journey aboard in Russian Soyuz space capsule.

The capsule docked smoothly in the space station at 0406 GMT – 12:06 a.m. EDT Saturday at the height of 412 kilometers above the Earth. The Russian space agency “Roscosmos” said that the crew entered the station in about 2 hours later.

NASA Kathleen Rubins, Russian Anatoly Ivanishin and Takuya Onishi of Japanese space agency ‘JAXA’ are starting to begin the four-month stay on the orbiting space laboratory. They associated with the American Jeff Williams, Russians Alexey Ovchinin and Oleg Skripochka, who already aboard since mid of March.

Last Thursday, the capsule was blasted off from Russian manned space complex in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Source: Phys
Image by AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky, File

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