Angelica Ross is going to create history on a night where there already lots of history making to go around.

On Sept. 20, candidates like Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren will use the stage to discuss LGBTQ+ rights in a first of its kind event hosted by GLAAD, The Advocate, including One Iowa.

The LGBTQ+ conference will give the Democratic contenders a chance to address issues concerning especially to queer and trans personalities, which have been essentially ignored in the three rounds of presidential debates so far.

According to the report, the pair will ask candidates to outline “their plan and vision for improving [LGBTQ+] acceptance in a divisive time for marginalized areas.”

Last Monday tweet, Ross said she was “ready and excited” to be a part of the groundbreaking conference.

In addition to this being the only presidential forum on LGBTQ+ rights in history, the cast who recently became the first trans person to be a series regular in two television shows will become the first trans character to ever host a presidential event of this stature.