Apple Create a New Proposal for Streaming Music Royalties that Could Leave Spotify 1

U.S. are currently working out copyright regulators by improving the incredibly complex system for an estimate how much artists to get paid when their songs streamed in Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music or any other services.

The Apple has created a forward proposal, said in Billboard, where the music makers get 9.1 cents every 100 plays, that sounds straightforward enough, It intends companies pay for individual streams rather than out of their income as a whole. The hello Spotify is offer free tiers that can leave the services. Apple itself has not made any comments yet.

We do not know if the proposal is going to accept by the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board. However, the Amazon, Google, Spotify and other interested parties are all expected to offer their suggestions for payment plans in the coming days.

Source and Image by TechRadar

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