Apple Music Rolls Out More Accurate iTunes Matching

The Apple was working to improve the streaming option. According to Loop reports the company was rolling out an update that makes users iTunes Match audio fingerprint to handle syncing purchased songs.

Before, Apple Music was a less accurate version of iTunes Match relied on metadata to pair tracks.

The less certain software is doing pull the wrong version of the song and said by Loop Notes that would grab track studio rather than a song from a live performance, issues as it should not longer pop-up. Loop also gives detailed that the songs that were incorrect matched will be replaced with the right songs by a rematch, It won;t only delete the downloaded copies.

This feature allowed users to add-on sync their music libraries to the cloud, matching up any songs and albums that available in iTunes.

The limit is increased to 100k songs last year in just Apple Music launched and the update functionality was no extra cost for the subscribers this time, and it will welcome change as a redesign version of the service is on the way.

You can see the note “Matched” in the iCloud status menu in iTunes as slowly rolling out the prospect to keep tabs on any issues that might arise as millions of users are switched over.

Source: engadget
Image by 9to5mac

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