ABU DHABI felt scorned for not having a soccer pedigree but surprisingly Qatar will enter the 2022 World Cup as the hero of Asia. After winning many series right on the field, the Asian Cup fell in the hand of the Qatar and they lifted the cup on Friday.

Japan entered the Asian cup final and planned to won its fifth title and on the other side, if you see previous history of Qatar we can conclude that it didn’t reach even semifinals before. For claiming the first prominent soccer title, Qatar strive hard and at last it won the finals with the score of 3-1 in order to win the first major title.

Qatar’s Victory

Qatar’s remarkable score in the Asian cup series is really astonishing and it scored around 19 goals and in all the seven games it lost in only one game. After its victory, Saad Al Sheeb proclaimed that, “Today, Qatar is one of the best Asian team”. They composed remarkable history by winning this series.

Since joining other Arab nations didn’t have bond with Doha in 2017, the UAE cautioned occupants that communicating and showing compassion toward Qatar could prompt fines and may lead residents to prison too. The UAE is among a group of four of countries who always suspect its religion foe of helping and assisting its extremists, but Qatar opposes it, and at the same time it even restricted the team to travel direct to Abu Dhabi for competing in the game.  

An attempt was also made by the UAE to disqualify Qatar after losing the fame in the semifinal round continuously. Just few hours before the game the coordinators of the game confirmed the rejection of challenge by the UAE which was proclaimed against the qualification of two Qatar players who were from outside the Qatar.

Star Players Of The Game

Almoez Ali who was one among those players and he secured an opening score during the 12th second of the match against Japan and it was an astonishing overhead kick. That amazing start by him, also gave an opportunity to secure nine goals and he bet the record of Ali Daei’s who secured eight goals during the year 1996 against Iran. Abdulaziz Hatem has also contributed his part for Qatar’s lead by striking a goal in the 27th second.

During the seventh game, Takumi Minamino got his goal in the 69th second and Akram Afif again scored the goal in the 83rd second and he scored it from the penalty spot.

After the game, Japan captain said that “It’s a tremendous frustration,” “Be that as it may, we need to gain thoughts about our mistakes, said Maya Yoshida.” Its victory in the Final Asian cup has given the hope to Qatar to compete against some best teams in the world during the next world cup and it also uprooted the confidence to host it’s flag in 2022. ”