Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Spots New Dwarf Planet Behind Neptune 1

The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Maunakea, in Hawaii, discovered a new dwarf planet in the rival region of Pluto and Eris visibility. The newly discovered planet was called RR245 and this case the worlds is farthest reaches of the Solar System are too small and a dull of Earthbound scientist to study.

The new dwarf planet has a remarkably large orbit and above 120 times farther to earth; Its at least twice of far towards the sun as Neptune location. RR245 is more visible, other than most behind Neptune and its size is undefined for now. Maybe it’s vast and dull, or it’s a shiny and small, stated by a scientist.

Also, the RR245 roughly takes 700 years to complete its orbit and only monitored it for one year. According to researchers they will study the new planet and map out its orbit more precisely over the coming years after they will give a proper name to it.

Source: Engadget
Image by Today USA

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