The farm in the southern region of China has a big pig generating heavy as a polar bear.

The 500 kilograms/1.1k+ pounds, the animal is part of a herd that’s occurring bred to become a giant pig.

At slaughter, pigs can sell for more than 10,000 yuan or $1,399 in USD three times higher than the average of the normal size of a pig.

The idea is bigger which better must be spreading across the country with the world’s most voracious consumers of the meat.

High pork costs in the northeastern province of Jilin is advising farmers to raise pigs to attain an average weight of 175 – 200 kilograms, higher than the normal weight of 125 kilograms.

The large pig is being bred during a desperate time for China with African swine fever decimating the nation’s hog herd motivating the government to urge farmers to increase the return to temper inflation.