China Mobile, Qualcomm, and ZTE stated plans to begin interoperability testing and free trials for the latest 5G radio specifications produced by the 3GPP organization (via DigiTimes).

The interoperability experimentation and trials will originate in China following in the second half of 2017, with the aim of the tests being to showcase how 5G NR technologies can efficiently deliver multi-gigabit per second data rates at lower latency and greater reliability than today’s network, Qualcomm said in a company statement.

After a large-scale trial of 5G networks in 2017, China Mobile intends to proceed with deployment experiment in 2018, and commercial operations beginning in 2020, according to the report. The tests will use device prototypes from Qualcomm and base station extracts from ZTE, and support guidelines from China Mobile.

The report also shows an acceleration of China Mobile’s schedule for the 5G increase as the company seems to keep abreast of mobile transports in the U.S., Europe, South Korea and Japan.

Beginning this month, AT&T declared it start testing 5G wireless technologies in the U.S. this year and said it expected 5G speeds to be 10 to 100 times quicker than standard 4G LTE connections. However, widespread rollout over AT&T’s network expected until 2020.

There’s no report as yet on Apple’s ideas for 5G uptake. Apple confirmed LTE-Advanced – a lasting standard of 4G LTE – relatively fast with the launch of the iPhone 6 including iPhone 6 Plus, but the former 3G and LTE wireless technologies held both free for years before Apple used them. Going on AT&T’s and 3GPP’s timelines, a 5G iPhone is strange to released for at least extra three to four years.

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