A first-ever field based research of high school athletes developing post workout with chocolate milk outperformed a popular sports drink by a net strength difference of 6.7 percent.

The study was instated by Dairy MAX in partnership by the University of Texas at Austin.

The research, started in 2k18 and published in the 2k19 Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, dispensed high school athletes drinking chocolate-milk lifted 3.5 percent more than before while the teenagers drinking a commercial sports drink lifted 3.2 percent fewer than before.

Besides, drinking chocolate milk within 30 minutes following a workout repairs, rehydrates and replenishes the body. The naturally occurring electrolytes and 90% water content rehydrate, while the 8 grams of protein stimulates repair muscles.

The carbohydrate to protein ratio in chocolate milk was shown to be more useful than carbohydrate only sports drinks in promoting athlete performance as part of a power and speed training at a high school level.

Early studies all looked at adults , but never at the approximately 8-million high school athletes in the nation, yet nourishment is especially important for these young athletes, whose foundations are yet growing while also manipulating the heavy physical demands from athletics.

“While there have been a plenty of studies that show chocolate milk helps adults to recover following vigorous exercise and to improve strength in a lab setting, this study is the 1st to test the effectiveness of commercially marketed, readily available chocolate milk to see if it can help adolescents to improve their strength as a part of their normal summer training which it did,” explained John B. Bartholomew, co-author of the research and chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at The University of Texas at Austin.