Apparently, the match between Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams did not auger well with many fans proposing that Jason Garret has failed to lead the team towards the right direction. However, I cannot help it but ask “Does it mean that Garret is the sole cause of the consistent loses that has been registered by Cowboys?” That is a very sour question and I wish that someone would come forward to answer me right now. It is sad to see how fans forget about the good things that Garret has done for the team. The fans plus other prominent individual have focused on the negative side of things rather than letting the team and the coach live to fight another day.

Are calls for Jason Garret Resignation Justified?

I believe that this is a question that many have been asking a well. Why should someone just shout that Garret should go home? In a game, there are so many players and every player has his/her role to play. It is very important therefore if someone will get him/herself to understand that when a team fails, the person who should be blamed is the coach. In such a situation, everybody should carry the cross associated with being failures. On the other hand, in any game, there must be a winner and a loser and no one has the right to think that certain tams should win just because they are legendary popular or because they come from their own home state.

Did Terrell Owens had the Right to Charge the Fans?

After the results of the game between Los Angeles Rams and Cowboys, it was clear that some of the renowned personalities including Terrell Owens made remarks that further made the fans feel like the coach was to blame. It is very important to be aware of the fact that the coach did his part but the players did not do their best to produce the expected results. It could be that the players were overwhelmed by the force of the Rams and I think that no one should be blamed for what happed.

So what now?

Having though deeply about this issue, I am inclined to think that the Cowboys’ coach has nothing to do with the loss and should not be blamed for anything. The fans should also learn to accept defeat because it is part of life.