Selena Comez was constantly holding the reign on Instagram of being the most followed person. However, it looks like she is on the edge of taking one step below. This is owing to the new king Cristiano Ronaldo sharing the platform with top number followers says 144,350,000 trailing by 144,325,000 are Selena now with Instagram followers.

How Selena was Dethroned?

Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer star, 33 years old ousted on the Instagram, Selena Gomez. This social media platform has now 144, 320, 746 followers on instagram for Ronaldo, while Gomez, 26 is close behind with 144, 312, 745. She had the upper hand for consecutive two years and more. However, Selena informed last month to her fans, she will be taking a break from the social media.

“Taking a social media break. Again,” was written in September on Instagram. She also said that she was grateful to the social media for offering her popularity and also wishes to live her life by stepping back as she is aware that encouragement and kindness are short-lived. She also pointed that negative comments hurt the feelings of anybody’s.

What’s the fact?

The singer apprehended the title for over a period of two years, defeating Taylor Swift on this social media platform. The fact is that Selena does not wear the crown of Instagram anymore has not come as a surprise as since late September, she is inactive intentionally on the social media.

The departure from social media came before Selena got into a mental health treatment facility. Selena was twice hospitalized in a period of two weeks. The first was in late September revealing low count of white blood cells and this was indeed alarming, though she was released in a few days from the hospital. Again, in the October first week, Selena was hospitalized for the same compliant of low count in blood cell, reported TMZ that the pop star had freaked out and had a meltdown. She also tried ripping out of her arm the IVs.

This was a time of emotional breakdown as the singer reportedly visited a psychiatric facility to obtain dialectical behavior therapy. Selena is going through a tough time, informed a source to People magazine.

Thus, Cristiano Ronaldo was behind Gomez and very recently surpassed the count of Gomez just now with 144, 309, 204 against Gomez’s 144, 308, 767 followers. They are absolutely neck-and-neck, and now Ronaldo is ahead and the numbers are growing steadily.