Discover Game of Thrones world by this handy interactive map 1

On this ongoing generation, the Game of Thrones is now in Six Seasons and makes a horrible companion if you do not really understand the places and characters that you will watch and always make terrible if the scene is not appreciated the ideas.

An interactive map can brush up various locations named to the series, learn every kingdom belong to each house and less annoying to stream. This Quartermaester maps incredibly detailed and includes both confirmed and speculative locations of each you selected towns, castles and cities come from George RR Martin magical world. Also, you can click icons depicting each to learn at Game of Thrones wiki.

Additional features can follow the routes taken by principal characters through the six seasons and depending on how far you’ve got in either of; It can also filter out spoilers by adjusting sliders in the menu sections.

This map will guide you figuring things to the entire series.

Source: Lifehacker
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