Trump made this claim recently after having a meet with the Democratic leaders of Congress to address the partial closure of the USA.

On Friday, Trump has threatened to declare a national emergency to get an order of border construction with Mexico without the required for fund approval by Congress.

What Did Trump Say In His Speech?

During his speech, the president considered the idea of building a “powerful metal structure” as an alternative to a concrete wall, although he did not elaborate on it.

“We can declare a national emergency and build it very quickly. I have not done it, but maybe I will, but if we can do it through negotiation, we will try,” Trump argued.

“We have explained that what we need is 5.600 million dollars, we are talking about national security, it is not a game. We are not going to open the Government until this problem is solved,” Donald Trump insisted.

The Administration is partially closed since last December 22 because the negotiation between Republicans and Democrats in Congress was blocked by Trump’s demand that the budget project include a game of more than 5,000 million dollars to finance the wall frontier.

The unwavering attitude of Donald Trump regarding the construction of the wall, which was one of his star electoral promises and the continued refusal on the part of the Democrats to agree on this issue, has led the Government to be partially closed for 14 days.

Administrative paralysis affects agencies of ten Executive departments, including Transportation and Justice as well as dozens of national parks, which are usually a major tourist attraction.

In addition, it harms some 800,000 of the 2.1 million federal workers, who will not charge while the government remains closed and are at the expense of approving a new budget.

Prolonged Closure

The president’s remarks come after a meeting on the border issue with a group of congressional leaders, including Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer. The legislator later stated that the president could maintain for “months or even years” the partial closure of the federal government.

The House of Representatives approved on Thursday a plan to achieve the opening of the Government, which is on its 14th day of closure. However, when contemplating financing of the border wall with Mexico much lower than the one requested, Trump’s veto of the plan is practically guaranteed. The states of emergency are nothing new for the US: the ex-president Barack Obama came to declare 12, of which the majority continues in force. In fact, more than 30 national emergencies are still valid. One of them established 40 years ago.