Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla company has confirmed its coming to enter India next year. Musk answered this in response to the expansion of the company outside Europe, North America, and China, that the company is considering ‘partial presence’ in India, South America, and Africa, by next year. He believes that this foray will complete in 2020.

New Plans To Avail Service In Outside Countries

Recently, the service team was asked to expand to locations to all the population regions in China, Eastern Europe, North America, and Japan, by next year end. The Tesla CEO believes they are missing the most important geographic regions at some places.

Hopefully, it is anticipated to have in 2020 a broader expansion featuring partial presence in India, Africa & South America by next year end.

Foray Into India

The fact stays that the Tesla CEO, Musk has showed his interest to foray the Indian market many times earlier as well. However, in his recent tweet he hinted clearly of his plans to enter this summer to India.

The Indian government said last year that it had plans to have electric vehicles 100 per cent in public transport and in personal mobility 40 per cent by 2030. However, this year beginning it changed its stance and arrived at a decision that technology should not be trapped and gave away the ideal of formulating electric vehicle.

Many Indians show keen interest in Tesla vehicles and now the firm is ready to foray into the Indian market taking concrete steps. Musk announces his India plans and said Tesla was acquiring temporary relief in India from import duties, so that they initiate selling in India sooner, keeping the price tag affordable.

Partial Presence

Tesla tried entering India in 2017 and owing to some misunderstanding between the company and the Government, it was put off. Elon Musk said there were some challenging government regulations. However, now Elon Musk and Tesla are all set to have partial presence entailing bringing and selling of electric cars, and taking up the threads from there. On many occasions, the Indian government also is keen on taking on electric vehicles a strong stance so that the oil import bills and air pollution is reduced.

Tesla entering India will promote the market of electric car and also promote other OEMs to enter India. Now with our CFO, Deepak Ahuja, from India confirms that Tesla will be in India soon as per his belief.