It is unfortunate that Real Sociedad has reaped nothing out of the acquisition of Sandro Ramirez. But that should not be the basis of the decision to drop him and look for other strikers. There are a number of reason why this striker has not scored even a single goal in six appearances. It is important to give him the benefits of the doubt rather than judging him and sending him away before the season ends. What could be the facts behind Sandro Ramirez not scoring for Sociedad? There are a number of reasons which one can give as to why he has not scored.

Possible Reasons Why Ramirez Has Failed To Score For Real Sociedad

First, the environment might not have been the best for him. What do we mean by the environment? Basically, the scoring ability of a player especially a striker depends on the collective efforts of the midfielders and other players within a team. Take for instance a team where the back players and the midfielders are not good enough so as to supply the striker with the balls so that he can score. In other words, the striker is not a source of the problem here. The environment within the club might not be conducive enough for this player to strike. We need to ask ourselves if he score when he was under Everton and Malaga in 2017, what could have changed in this new club? The definite answer here is the unconducive environment.

Secondly, I am tempted to think and conclude that this striker could have been overloaded. When a striker is overloaded, it means that he keeps coming back to fetch the ball in an attempt to score. When a striker does this, it means that he will be running around a lot to a point where he will be fatigued even before the minutes allocated are done. Think of a player who has no support from midfielders and other players. The striker will be attempting to score in vain.

Why Did He Score When Playing For Everton?

With the above reasons, we can conclude that a player is not an angle and scoring depends on the support he/she gets from the team members/players. If we look at a team like Everton; where Ramirez scores 16 goals in 30 appearances, we can simply conclude that Everton has a number of players who work as a team. Everton has a number of talented and experienced players and that could be the reason why this striker was able to make a debut at that season.