After following Snapchat’s greatest features to make Instagram Stories, Facebook is now looking to clone additional app. The Verge writes that the social network is prepping Bonfire, a group chat app related to one called Houseparty that began last year.

Houseparty gets from Life On Air, the folks that brought you the original live streaming app Meerkat (which cloned toward Periscope). Having started without a major global release throughout June, it increased steadily to over a million users by November 2016 and is famous among teens. Facebook’s attempt is said to offer near identical functionality as starting group FaceTime-style calls instantly.

It will be exciting to recognise how the app affirmed when it launches sometime this fall. Facebook may have an improvement over Houseparty in its ability to instantly connect its two billion users to their colleagues on the social network to get them to use the new app or even joining to group chats through from Messenger.

Lifehacker recommends hearing Houseparty as a fun and easy way to catch up with friends spread across the globe, as it lets personalities drop in anytime they like. Sounds like being worth firing up over the weekend.