Facebook users will soon no longer see the number of likes feedback and video views on other posts in a world-first experiment intended to boosting users wellbeing.

Meaning, likes shall be private and only apparent to the post author in a change that reflects a similar test on Instagram which began last July in Australia.

The new Facebook trial will begin on Friday, shall also kick off in Australia.

Australia Facebook director of policy Mia Garlick stated the change was based on wellbeing research including feedback from mental health specialists that the number of likes can create a social comparison.

‘Hoping that people will be more satisfied with sharing on the platform rather than seeming like its a competition’, Garlick said

Garlick assured businesses who rely on Facebook they will still get all the same metrics and insights they earlier accessed.

Also, the test would roll out to other nations as the Instagram trial has in Australia, Canada, Brazil and New Zealand etc.

There is no evidence of when the trial will end or if the change will be delivered permanently.