Fake Pokémon Go Apps Reported More Released to Ruin Your Phone 1

There was a report of malicious towards Pokémon Go apps since the game published over a week ago, but more of them was popping out to get you upset.

According to ESET, apps have been pretending to be under comparable to Pokémon titles, attracting people seeking for cheats and guides.

The one app called Pokémon Go Ultimate that gives the biggest thread to devices, while it resembled in-game it deliberately locked your screen device upon startup. Eset provides warms toward to simple reboot often apps that overlay itself over system windows. Users can recover it by pulling out the battery or use Android Device Manager. However, you need to uninstall manually PI Network that should appear in application manager.

It also another app called scareware which they trick users paying for unnecessary services. In this case, users could’ve been tricked into signing up for service with the promise of generating Lucky Eggs or Pokéballs. However, both apps have been removed from the App Store.

Conclusion, it is important to remind users and know what you are putting on your device while playing with this modern and fantastic game. Please don’t cheat and not use a third-party application, so that you can feel the real game.

Source: gizmodo
Image by The Verge

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