R Kelly is going to face court trial on sexual abuse today in Chicago. His latest minor girl abuse is been viral for the last few weeks. This is not the first sexual abuse for this singer and entertainer. He is known for this kind of illicit sexual acts with minor girls since he was a basketball player. His recent minor girl abuse has taken him to court with previous sexual allegations to count ten. His fans and others are waiting for the hearing from the court

Past Records of Sexual Allegations with R Kelly

This popular sports person and entertainer have past records of illegal marriage and various sexual allegations. He ignored many claims, as he was a rising hero in the 80s and 90s. He was a professional basketball player. He married a minor girl in the year 1994. Those videos and photos went viral later on. This illegal marriage issue took his peace of mind until 1997 with court procedures. This made him with some financial losses to hide many things pertaining to marriage.  

Minor Girl Abuse by R Kelly Viral Videos

The Chicago Sun-Times was behind him to defame him with some photos and videos of R Kelly in a sexual act with a minor girl. This was the time of internet, social media, and news media making it viral as hit news in Chicago. This once again went viral throughout the USA and his fan base in this world. The BBC news claimed him to live with more than one woman in a living relationship. Those in a sexual relationship with him reported for sexually transmitted disease later on. This was reported two years back in local news and Chicago newspapers.  

His faith on sexual abuse will be taken action by the court on 24th February 2019. This is backed by medical records of various claimants of sexual abuse done by him. Many are proven, but the previous court action denied those convictions as baseless. However, this case is not to those ones and his trial will be punished on criminal grounds. This can pull his past records of various police cases within Chicago and other states. There is speculation of more evidence to bring out in photos, videos, and medical reports. He will be really taken this time, as his count is marked with 10 in Chicago court, USA.