Faster US to Japan 60-Tbps Cable Begins Service 1
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The latest underwater internet cable backed in part with Google and joining Japan including US is slated to run online starting June 30 statement on a press release from NEC Corporation.

The installation and testing of the trans-pacific cable are named “Faster”, Each line covers 9,000 kilometers and ranges from Oregon to Chiba and Mie areas in Japan. Faster has increased to include connections to whole West Coast US and selected larger city in Japan. It also can connect with the other main hubs in Asia.

Faster was said last August 2014, and it’s driven by internet companies organizations including Google, China Telecom Global, Global Transit, China Mobile International, Singtel, and KDDI.

To further build the cable system and make it online, Faster teamed up with NEC, a global networking and IT giants based in Japan. Faster also so said that this only the trans-pacific cable line of its kind capable of delivering speeds up to 60 terabits-per-second using a six-fibre pair cable.


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