It is normal for businesses to expand to other parts of the world with the aim of extending in terms of size and in terms of sales as well. With that idea, Ford has done the best thing by concentrating it activities or operation within the United States. Form the news aired by the CNBC, I am thrilled to find out that Ford has invested more than $1Billion as a means of expanding and improving its operation at the home based headquarters. Now the people of Chicago have a reason to smile basically because, ford is eyeing on tripling the number of workers it had in that facility before. This is indeed making America Great Again.

What Investing $1Billion Means

The new move to invest such a huge amount of money into the sector means three things. The first meaning is that Ford has encountered stiff competition in other parts of the world and has decided to concentrate its operations back at home. It is true that Ford has been struggling to plant its foot on the ground at the European market and it has over the years proved a challenge. Considering that a huge portion of its market is based in the United States, for has taken the right decision by bringing its services and products back home. This is indeed a present to the people of Chicago and the United States in general.

Secondly, the Concentration of for to home manufacturing is one of the ways of improving domestic product. Why should Ford operate from outside and send the money back to the US economy? It is better to produce back at home and maybe export more rather than produce overseas and export from overseas. It is also easier for Ford to operate under the favorable conditions awarded to home based companies rather than operate in a harsh environment which does not allow foreign companies to operate like domestic companies. To avoid all such barriers, Ford has done well by making such a great move.

Thirdly, ford is now in a position to improve the lives of a common US citizen by engaging in community projects and by offering those jobs. The investment of $1 billion means that working condition will be improved and more employees will be brought into the company and this is one of the ways of enhancing personal economic development.