Since I was a young, my dream truck has been Ford, although I have never been able to realize that particular dream. I will allow you to conclude that maybe my dreams were overambitious, but all in all am still a fun of Ford motors but am somehow disappointed by the recent news that Ford has recalled 874,000 Pickup Trucks in North America. I can only imagine how a customer who had already spent so much money on buying a truck from this company. All I can think how disappointed the customers are. Think of how disappointed a loyal potential customer like me is.

What are the setbacks that Ford may face as a result of this new development?

There are a number of setbacks and you can as well say that they are disadvantages. The first setback they are likely to face is that it will lose some of its customers. You will agree with me that most of the customers who had already bought those faulty pickups will prefer being refunded their money rather than being given vehicles that have been rectified and brought back to them. Customer satisfaction is one of the things that most companies struggle to uphold. Unfortunately, when customers feel led down and unsatisfied, it will be a great setback to such a company.

The second setback that ford would accrue of face is that the competitors will take advantage of the situation. Most of the competitors always look for loop holes in business so as to find their way to the top. For instance, there are other companies which manufactures quality trucks that might take advantage of this situation. For instance, Toyota is a multinational company which will certainly gain a lot from this setback. That is so basically because most of the customers will prefer Toyota trucks basically because of preference. Remember that Toyota has never recalled any of its trucks for the past two decades. Thirdly, for is likely to suffer internal loses. This loses are financial in nature. I would like you to put yourself in the shoes of a financial and production manager. These two individuals are struggling to accommodate loses that comes along as a result of recalling more than 800,000 trucks. Remember that recalling something to the headquarters means transporting them back physically.