The domain of technology was moved, as Freshworks confirm that it acquired Natero. As per the opinion of the official, the company took over this manufacturer of Customer success applications with the objective to enhance its product lines and to add more variety to it. Company officials further added that, through this acquisition, Freshworks will now have the capacity to offer its clients a unique solution that will empower them to have a complete observation over their customers.

What Is The Significance Of This Acquisition?

When it comes to the category of applications and software that deals with Customer analytics, Natero was one of the major players. Their product portfolio featured such business application suites that combines BI, Predictive analysis as well as customer intelligence, and Workflow management solutions that enable businesses to have a better insight over the customer behavior and managing customers with the highest efficiency, putting forward the minimum resources. Now, with the acquisition of Nantero by Freshworks implies that Frehswork will be able to bring forward the solutions developed by Natero, over its SaaS platform. This is going to help business to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the customer behavior. No wonder, in the opinion of the experts, businesses can look forward for something really effective to enhance its business efficiency.

How Freshwork’s Clients Have To Benefit From This Merger?

The incorporation of the applications from Natero on the SaaS platform of Freshworks will empower its customers to have a better understanding of their customer behavior and expectations, customize the services better as per the expectations of the customers, as well as differentiate services, turning it into passionate advocates for customers. This will enable the users to forecast the demands and expectations of the clients better and it will help them to come up with the most relevant solutions, as per the needs of the customers. This way, users will have the most effective tool to consolidate the engagement with their customers.

The acquisition of Natero becomes the 10th acquisition made by Freshworks. Previously, the company has included Tiger Global, Capital G, Accel Partners, and, Sequoia Capital within its banner. In addition, companies like Zarget, Pipemonk, JoeHukum and Airwoot has been acquired previously by this California-based Organization. Freshworks also has its activities in India, with one of its offices in Chennai.
Now, it is to the time to decide the final outcome of this acquisition. Nevertheless, it is going to be one of the hottest topics of discussion in the technology domain over the next few months.