Samsung will add a facial recognition ability to its expected Galaxy S8 since of doubts about the pace and reliability of iris scanning alone, according to a news yesterday in the Korea Economic Daily.

The story appears amid rumors last month that Apple’s ‘iPhone 8’ will highlight a revolutionary front-facing camera system including the possible to combine the benefits of both facial and iris recognition.

Quoting an another Samsung official, the news said the mobile business division should complete the software side of the technology and is currently experimenting the facial recognition in ideals. The S8, which is assumed to be the biggest to rival to the forthcoming OLED iPhone, will begin on March 29.

Apple’s sense to merge the technologies in a single camera system may be possible thanks to built-in transmitting plus receiving infrared modules, supported by software algorithms done by PrimseSense, which Apple obtained in 2013.

Apple is supposed to include the camera system into a radically redesigned, minimal-bezel handset by an OLED display that incorporates built-in fingerprint recognition. The so-called ‘Tenth Anniversary Edition’ model is assumed to launch in the fall alongside two, more regular ‘S’ cycle release phones that will replace the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Source: theinvestor
Image by Benjamin Geskin

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