PhilHealth Philppines 2016 calendar

Get your PhilHealth ID pass today! When you reside in the Philippines, the PhilHealth plans are the best way to get superiority in Medical Care. You can get a full pack of benefits whenever you need them. For example, hospitals support rehabilitation therapies and the greatest medical assistance. To identify yourself when you are affiliated with a PhilHealth plan, you need an ID (IDentification pass). The ID is personal, and for family plans, each member needs to get its own after they have gone through the registration process specified at the PhilHealth web page

For registration to obtain a PhilHealth ID pass, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Fill your Register Form

Get the PhilHealth Member Register Form (PMRF) and fill it twice.

STEP 2. Send Documentation

You will need to gather the following documents, and send them along with the two copies of your PMRF to the LHIO closest to you:

STEP 3. Wait for your MDR (Member Data Record) and PhilHealth ID Pass

The PhilHealth ID Bonus Card

Besides of the PhilHealth ID pass, current and aspirant associates may apply to get the novel PhilHealth bonus card, also called the I-PhilHealthy Card.
The PhilHealth bonus card allows you to have discounts for wellness and health services and products with PhilHealth partners. Some of them are:
To register you need:
If you want to know more about the PhilHealth ID Bonus Card, ask the PhilHealth Customer Service (441-7442), or visit the website here.

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