Manila, Philippines – A Korean actress Go Soo Jung has fallen due to an illness.

She was 24 years old.

Story J Company announced on Instagram on February 12, days after her funeral, which reportedly took place on February 9.

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스토리제이컴퍼니의 소중한 배우 고수정이 하늘의 빛나는 별이 되었습니다. ⠀ 고수정 배우는 그 누구보다도 순수하고 고운 마음을 가진, 풋풋한 빛이 나는 사람이었습니다. ⠀ 우리를 반겨주었던 당신의 밝은 미소를, 가장 아름다웠던 당신의 청춘을, 그 마음만큼 순수했던 연기를, 우리는 영원히 기억하겠습니다. ⠀ 우리의 영원한 배우, 당신이 떠나는 그 곳엔 부디 아픔 없이 영원한 안식만이 있기를 바랍니다. ⠀ -스토리제이컴퍼니 일동

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“A few days ago, actress Go Soo Jung bid farewell to this world and became one of the bright stars in the sky,” the company said a report by AllKpop.

“We will always remember actress Go Soo Jung and her glowing smile which brightened the world. Please wish her safe passage”

The rookie star debuted in the 2016 K-drama Goblin.

She also performed in the series Solomon’s Perjury and the music video for BTS’ song “With Seoul.”