Both Google and Microsoft have started into an arrangement this Monday with the British government that would recognize their search engines make piracy sites difficult to find for UK users.

The new voluntary code, assigned by rights holders and search engines, demotes sites like the Pirate Bay that have frequently flagged for copyright infringement. These sections will drop off the first page of common searches also won’t appear in recommended auto-completes, described by the Telegraph.

The move made to prevent piracy and support the discovery of certain forms of access to content.

While Google has kept that search traffic is not a driving force behind piracy, the move will surely still have an impact regarding visibility. Research has revealed that the first search result on Google receives 33% of traffic, and the first page of results generates 92% of all traffic.

Typical moves to curb piracy mind to revolve around ISP-level site blocking, where passage to a website is prohibited. Combating piracy through search traffic is a “world first” said Taylor.

Google did not directly respond to request for comment.

Microsoft did not quickly respond to request for comment.

Source: cnet

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