If you’ve obtained a new year’s resolution to get in shape, you can try to find Google Calendar.

The service is integrating with Google Fit and Apple Health, that can follow your fitness activity from your mobile devices and track your progress in the app.

Once it’s combined to either of them from your phone (‘and by extension to your fitness app of option’), it’ll automatically mark your purposes as done when you perform your scheduled workouts.

Google Calendar Update New Features to Lose All That Holiday Weight 1

There’s a new visual appearance tracker to show you how far along you are including each of your goals. Plus, Calendar will also get better at rescheduling your goal times by observing when you begin exercising, based on your fitness activity. With that, the app should be able to assist you to find the best times to work out without disrupting your schedule.

The new features are accessible on Google Calendar’s Android and iOS apps.

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