Google is Now on Tap Translation, Article Directory, and Improve Image Search

The Android Marshmallow is one of the neat features that still little around brought the edge. With Google’s Now on Tap update it’s getting more smoother with a handful new features.

Translation of text from any screen – you can now translate any text on any screen with the new ‘Translate this screen’ card. It only just long press the home button, press the translate button and everything will be set on the screen to get turned your phone’s too specific languages like English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German.

Find more interesting content – This feature called “Discover” icon. When browsing to a web site tap only the icon and you’ll get a stream of relevant content meant on the images screen.

Searching image by Barcodes or QR codes – It uses to pull up a slew of helpful cards regarding whatever you need.

Source and Image by Google

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