Google Maps is enhancing a more social app this week since Google rolls out a recent feature that enables users to create lists of sites and share them with their friends.

To begin creating a list, just open up the Google Maps app on your mobile device and search for a place you want to add to a list. Once you’ve found it on the map, tap on its name to open a page for the area. From there, hit the “Save” icon It will start a menu at the bottom of the screen among all of your lists. Choose one of the preset lists or a list you’ve created yourself, and the place will add.

If you desire to create a new list or edit your old records, you can reach them by initiating the menu in Google Maps plus navigating to ‘Your places.’ Go to the ‘Saved’ tab, and from there you can view all of the customizable lists and determine whether or not you want to share them with others. Records are viewable on mobile and desktop versions of Google Maps, and can also reach while you’re offline.

In case those directions weren’t clear sufficient, you can see an instance in the following video:

Source and image by GOOGLE

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