Google Named Speedier Ads on its Accelerated Mobile Pages Program

Google is aiming to create faster news reading experience through Accelerated Mobile Pages project, which gives a similar to online ads.

On mobile devices, AMP is offering articles to load more quickly as an open framework. Google said that this program allowing publishers to run ads towards AMP formatted articles and added support for more ad types.

Google unveiled the AMP for Ads program, which marketers can create similarly optimized ads, presumably to run alongside those fast-loading articles stated by Paul Muret the vice president of analytics, display and video put on is a blog post. Also, Google is named the AMP Landing Page, which marketers can ensure the smooth similarity experience after clicking on the ads, rather than driven away immediately by a slow loading page.

AMP, get Google to make mobile web more competitive to Facebook Instant Articles.

Source: TechCrunch
Image by immedtech

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