Google is yet again in news, and this time not for very good reasons. Google has been dragged to the court for the reasons of gender discrimination and not providing equal job opportunities to women employees. This incident came as a surprise on Thursday when the three ladies launched a complaint and filed a lawsuit in San Francisco, California against Google.

Brief Of The Lawsuit

Yes, you heard it right. Three former employees of Google have filed the gender discrimination lawsuit for paying lower pay for doing the same job as that of men. They also said that they were deprived of equal opportunities despite their educational qualification and experience. Despite taking the issue in the organization there was no hearing and rather they were deprived of promotions and were held captive of low paid pitiful jobs.

According to petitioners Kelly Ellis, Holly Pease, and Kelli Wisuri they said that Google is not only violating one but many California laws. They said that for many years Google has been practicing many unfair and unlawful practices in California. Where as Google denies itself off all the charges levied on them and say that, they never had a history of no pay gap in their system.

Kelly Ellis who is one of the petitioners said: “We’ve been talking about these issues for a long time, and it hasn’t really changed”. She also said that they tried to settle the issue in the organization itself. But when they saw that no action was taken against the issue, they thought that taking the complaint to the court was the only option left with them.

When the lawsuit was filed it was said that Google denied the justice of pay to the women and held them back on pitiful jobs. To which Google had to say that they have a very elaborate system which takes care that all its employees get a fairly paid irrespective of the race or gender.

Other Cases

This is not the first time that Google has been in the news for any lawsuit. Earlier this year in the month of April Google was accused of extreme pay discrimination by the US department of Labor. The department had asked Google to produce their salary records so as the government could audit it. It seems like Google has become a place where all kind of discrimination take place. Another employee who was fired from Google had given a social media criticism against the company saying that the white men were falling victims of the leading tech firm. Indirectly, the employee criticized Google of race discrimination.

Story Of Petitioners

Kelly Ellis

Ellis also accused that when she was hired as a Software Engineer for Google she was given the rank of Level 3 that is usually given to freshers. Whereas a few weeks later one more male software employee was hired who had graduated in the same year as that of Ellis and was given a level 4 position. This showed a clear cut discrimination where both the people of same education background were given two different levels. Giving the male employee a higher salary and opportunity.

She repeatedly complains to the board of technology sector and got to their notice that male software engineer working at the back-end were getting paid more as compared to a female software engineer working for the front-end. Because of repeated complaints and no action taken for the same Elise quit her job in July 2014. In 2015, she held Google as a culprit for “sexist culture at the organization”.

Holly Pease

Another former employee and the second petitioner of the case said that despite 10 years of experience prior to working in Google as a network engineer. Where she handled 50 software engineers and product managers under her. She was denied of a technical job and was given a non-technical job in the organization. She said that when her interview was taken there was no technical question asked to her. Whereas the technical manager was to take an interview didn’t even bother to meet her. She also said that Google has a culture of believing that the woman cannot do coding. Many people and managers who are working at her level got the opportunity to be promoted to the technical department. Not only this but also getting higher pay. But she was never given the opportunity to be promoted and shifted to a technical department.

Kelli Wisuri

The third petitioner of the case Kellie Wisuri said that when she joined Google she had work experience of 3 years in the sales department. But despite the experience, she was placed in level 2 that was the lowest level in the organization. She said that the men with lesser qualification and experience were placed directly to a level 3. Despite her hard work, she was not given the opportunity to be promoted. Because of the discrimination, she saw 50% of the women were in lever 2 and a major number of men in the higher level of the sales department. She had to finally give up her job in 2015 saying that she did not get any opportunity to grow or create a better career opportunity for herself being women in the organization.

Final Word

It seems that Google is hitting its all-time low by doing such pitiful job. In the world of equality and Technology and being a technical pioneer themselves. They must create and set an example for the world rather than getting into law suits for such sinful things.