HIV Researchers Edge Closer to a Cure 1

A British 44-year-old scientist might be inching toward an honest to goodness cure in London finally free of the virus after sustaining an experimental treatment as part of a trial.

The first patient took a vaccine to improve his immune system detect infected cells, and then took Vorinostat to stimulate dormant infected cells that usually can;t caught.

After that, it just a matter of time letting the healthy parts of the immune system kill off all the HIV, theoretically reducing any chance of the virus come back.

The social worker is made to do in first of 50 to finish the trial and will have to wait months before confirming that HIV is no longer in his system. There’s also any chances that the patient’s doses of conventional medicine are giving to the apparently clean bill of health. And even if all is fine after this first experiment, the tests will carry on for another five years.

Source: engadget

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