Starting blog is a great way to connect with your audience. You can share your thoughts quickly just starting blog, and use it to earn some money. There are many ways to get money out of a blog. Even if you do not offer a particular service or product, starting blog can pay off with publicity and references.

The secret of doing it right is how to create a blog for free. We will go through some tips for doing it. That way you can get the most of your blog.

Using Blogging Platforms

There are many online platforms for bloggers. Starting blog is today easier than ever. There is more than one way to learn how to create a blog for free. If you use one of the many blogging platforms, you will have to create an account to starting blog. Most blogging platforms have plenty of tutorials on how to create a blog for free. Some sites use bloggers to attract traffic and sell publicity to get money.

If you just want to share your thoughts, how to create a blog for free using a blogging platform might be your best shot. Some of them are organized in the form of communities, and that can improve your reach. Some sites even have a mailing list, and when you write great content, they can include a direct link to your blog.

When you chose a blogging platform, make sure the starting blog you chose is related to the niche of the platform you chose. There are specific sites for certain topics. One of the advantages of blogging platforms is that they have done the segmentation already. By selecting the right blogging platform, you are taking the most of the segmentation that is already in place.

Get your Domain

Another way of how to create a blog for free is to get your domain. In fact, getting the domain is not for free. You have to pay a small fee for a new domain, but it is not expensive. There are new domain packages with hosting for a year that you can get for as little as one dollar, so starting blog is practically free.

If you know how to build your web page, then, the rest is a piece of cake. All tools to create a web page are open source and free. Word Press is one of the most popular content management software for starting blog.

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Once you learn how to use Word Press tools, it is a more powerful tool than just getting into a blogging site. How to create a blog for free using this method means to do it yourself. Not everybody is fond of programming, and despite to use Word Press it is not a requirement, advanced tools and options require at least a keen knowledge of HTML.

Starting Blog

If you are completely new at starting blog, then the best way on how to create a blog for free is to go to an online platform. That will smooth your learning curve. You can focus on the content creating and SEO optimization on this first stage. You may use places like BlogSpot, which is one of the best sites around to create a blog. It covers the essential tools and has no significant limitations.

Once you master how to create a blog for free on an online platform, it is time to move to the next stage, starting blog now with your domain. Create a web page that is attractive, responsive and easy to use. From there share your thoughts.

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Who is behind BlogSpot?

BlogSpotOne of the reasons BlogSpot is one of the best ways on how to create a blog for free is that Google powers it. It uses Picasa to host images, also owned by Google. To start blog, you will naturally need a Google account from Gmail.

The additional advantage to starting blog at Picasa is that you require less set up time. You can choose to get your profile from Google Plus. This is not mandatory, and there is the option to create a BlogSpot profile, but it has certain limitations.

5 Steps for Starting Blog

Starting blog is an easy endeavor. Here are 5 steps for starting blog using BlogSpot:

  1. Log in. If you have a Gmail account already, then it should be easy. If not, you must create one.
  2. Click New Blog to starting blog.
  3. Put a name to your blog, and chose a domain. Both things are important. Make sure you chose easy names on this step. The objective is to make them your brand, and attractive, simple and easy to remember names are essential.
  4. Select a template. There are many pre-made templates you can choose. Find one that adjusts to your needs and personal style. Do not worry too much about this step because you can change it later.
  5. Create your blog. This is the beginning of starting blog. Then you must center on content.

If you wish, you may make advanced adjustments at the settings section. Then fill your blog with content and attract traffic.

Earn Money using BlogSpot

How to create a blog for free using BlogSpot still can report you some gains. Just go to the settings, and under the earnings menu, you can enable AdSense. That is the best way to get money out of publicity.

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