Who is a virtual assistant?

In simple term, this is a person who gives assistance from a location that is remote. The type assistance to be rendered includes all things involving simple administration tasks to the compound and hard campaigns which can be on a different platform like media.

Who uses a virtual assistant and what is the reason?

Owners of small enterprises, sole proprietors, bloggers, and occupied specialists will need the expertise of a virtual assistant people with limit amounts of hours to get a lot of things done; it will be profitable to seek and search for a virtual assistant.  This eases the load and saves quality time to meets with the client’s requirement completely. Its more cost intensive but efficient to hire a virtual assistant than the normal office employee. In this sense, you the employer will save a lot from things like health insurances, workers remuneration program, and office materials.

Which kind of personality will make an amazing virtual assistant?

Who has the quality of being a virtual assistant? Well, there is no direct answer to this question. If you have an experience in administration or as a clerical officer. Also if you have little or no experience you can be a virtual assistance if you can have or build this quality

• Calmness
• Truthfulness
• Management skills
• Professionalism
• Uses discretion
• Personable

Am not say you be perfect but you should be matured to know you need that quality
There are different area and field a virtual assist can fit in; we will go through some

1) Virtual assistance for administration or general dealings

Virtual assistant for administration is more of a secretary job in an office. It is needed of you to have organization skills and a sound accent of English over several regions. There are also several online information or data will have to be handled.

This are the various duties of  a virtual assistant for administration

• Customer follow-up
• Calendar planning and management
• Phone inquiries
• Database and the organization of various files
• Email management of both your boss and customers
• Booking, tickets and reservation appointments and several other services that will be specified by your employer

2) Virtual assistance for Affiliating marketing

An affiliate marketing or digital marketing is part of a company’s which requires a virtual assistance for various internet campaigns of their business or company. You resourcefulness must be built to this level to do something like this

This job is divided into three group

SEO virtual assistant: carry out all the process involving improving the company’s websites and making them rank higher on a various search engine like Google, Bing and so on.
Virtual assistant to carry out social media  marketing: deal with all aspect involving marketing on social media and promotion on various social media handle like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on
Virtual assistant to carry out content marketing: you will be in charge of all the writing process online on various information regarding the promotion of the company.

There are things you will be needed to do as an affiliate marketing virtual assistant

• Creating campaign technique  and follow the success
• Data analysis to reach ROI
• Carry out competitive study
• Manage, plan, schedule and organize write ups

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3) Virtual assistant for programming

When employed as a virtual programming assistant, be it for a cell phone application or websites. You should look for a start-up to create an online presence.

This will be your job description as a programming assistant

• Updates, upgrades and also maintenance
• Troubleshooting and also debugging
• Creates websites, an application or plugin layout
• Quality content upload
• Making sure the app or the website is friendly with user

4) Virtual assistant for web designing

For this job, a virtual assistant is needed to enable the business website to be very friendly and easy to use by the users. The skills that are needed is graphics design

What you will be doing is:

• Beautifying the company website or application
• Make promotional material, flyers, and business cards
• Design presentation
• And making of infographics

5) Virtual assistant for writing

To be a virtual assistant for writing, your job will be writing and a lot of writing work, you can also do the job of data entry. You have to make it known during the interview which area you want to specialize in.

These are the activities you will carry out

• Make discovery of suitable keywords for the company
• Editing
• Proofreading
• Making writing plans

6) Virtual assistant for video and audio editing

A video or an audio assistant is tied to the responsibility of editing and making an audio or video of the best quality, giving it the best underground music or filtering unnecessary sound.

These are what you will do

• Including computer generated imaging
• Addition of sound to keep the audience busy
• Fixing video clip or audio where it will fit
• Making the sound audible or video visible
• Filtering unwanted content

7) Virtual assistant for financial use

Money generation is the sole of every enterprise, but the money can be lost if it can be kept or managed properly. It is needful to employ a virtual assistant in the aspect of financial management to do the job when you can’t or busy with another thing.

These are the processes that will need to be carried out

• Following money matters
• Auditing Actions
• Writing down all cash proceedings
• Studying financial information
• Giving ideas on steps to take about the company’s finances
• Noticing fraudulent financial practices
• Documenting assets and checking liabilities

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