The mobile world conference (MWC) was held in Barcelona recently. The last week of February saw more than 100,000 visitors in MWC 2019. The participants were from 198 nations. This includes the top companies of mobile-phone manufacturers and people related to mobile and allied industries. There are many new internets of things on the table. Yet the Huawei was in the forefront with its latest 5-G Smartphone which is of foldable type. They were confident of this all-new phone to hit the global market very soon. Even though, it has recent business crises with the USA. 

Which Is The Latest Smartphone In Foldable Type?

Huawei is more confident on its latest 5-G phone the Mate X. this is a foldable type phone as per their presentation. This will enable the user to make the best presentation available with 5-G features. This is how their latest design with foldable type is re-introduced in the market. This type of phones stopped as the wider screen Smartphone appeared. However, the Huawei introduced this type of design for the user-friendly option for displaying. You can use them a stand. 

Price of Huawei Mate X

Huawei has come with Mate X price ranging to $2,600. This can vary with different countries and the sales channel they may promote first. However, it is a costlier Smartphone when compared to other top manufacturers in the same line. Huawei is not the one to announce a 5-G phone. There are also many other brands with their latest updates on MWC19 Barcelona. Yet, the price of this phone must have that many features is what the expectation of the Smartphone users. Its price may be cheaper to buy from China-based e-stores is what expected. However, the company does not discuss its sales promotions yet.

The global Smartphone users are expecting something new in MWC19. Many phone manufacturers came with their future generation phones. Huawei has once again hit the Smartphone market with heir announcement of X Mate in February 2019. This was coinciding with MWC 2019 date. Thus, it took the attention of Smartphone lovers all around this world. This is because; they love to upgrade their android phone to the least one in the market. When it comes to 5-G they are expecting more speed and convince to use with many technical features. They are expecting the download time to be lesser than a minute for a film.