China has done it again by launching its first AI news anchor. The AI In China is similar to a male human anchor retaining typical facial expressions and voice of a real person.

Artificial intelligence is taking baby steps, but surely is taking away the jobs of many in various fields. The latest is the news anchoring that is done as AI. This was a job that none of us believed it could be outsourced to a machine.

How Does The AI Anchor Perform?

The anchor can read news in a perfect synthesized voice that it sounds very much like a human professional anchor. This is the foremost AI news anchor in the world created by Xinhua news agency in China in collaboration with Sogou, the search engine company in china.

In the fifth World Internet Conference, two AI news anchors were displayed. This conference was in Zhejiang province in china and the two anchors read news in Mandarin and English very well.

According to the reports from Xinhua and South China Morning Post, the news anchors will replace human anchors soon and reduce the TV daily news report cost. Apart from this, they will work 24×7, any day. The TV AI anchor is also anticipated to improve its efficiency and this is because it can generate breaking news quickly, things that humans are incapable of doing. There is perennial fear gripping as AI takes away the jobs of human and it appears AI is ready to handle the creative jobs as well.

The Program

The program of machine learning will generate facial expressions, lip movements, etc, same as that of any human anchor reading news. The English and Mandarin news AI anchors reading are available across mobile platforms and Xinhua internet. It also includes English and Mandarin apps, besides TV online webpage.

“Xinhua confirmed this was a breakthrough achievement in the global field of AI synthesis”. It forges ahead real-time video and audio in the news field with AI-created anchors. Sogou, the search engine also does essential research and development, thereby providing the project the required underlying technology, reports South China Morning Post.

The programming is really perfect that it mimics the sounding speech in a realistic way that it is easily delivered keeping in sync with the facial expressions and lip movements. Xinhua News Agency will employ AI anchors as their reporting team members. These AI anchors can be seen across mobile platforms and Xinhua’s internet, online TV webpage and WeChat public account.