We respect and appreciate the fact that God made Man and Woman and that a women is different from a man in so many ways. We also appreciate that women have a monthly menstrual cycle which opens a window of opportunity for a new life to begin. Human being including I are as a result this menstrual cycle. With that idea in mind, women who fall within the age of 9 and 40 are known to release menses every month. That is the reason why someone came up with an idea of a pad that would trap whatever and help a woman remain comfortable. It is however sad that people are now perceiving things differently.

Developing from the later story, teenagers in some parts of Indonesia believe that taking the dirty linens soup is the only way to get high. Many of these teenagers believe that taking such contents will help one fantasize about sexual acts and even believe that they have had sex. In Africa, such an individual would have been disowned by the society. However, it beats logic to think that the society supports such a retrogressive behavior.

What Is The Health Issues Related To This Development?

Pad are made to be safe and not harbor infectious microbes by adding dilute chlorine to it. With this, it means that chlorine is used just to make sure that all the microbes are done away with. On the other hand, it is in fact excessive ingestion of chlorine that makes teenager high in Indonesia. It also makes them high. What happens when chlorine is boiled and the vapor sniffed? The resultant gas is chlorine gas. This is what makes people high. Unfortunately, inhaling huge amounts over a long period of time is life threatening.

The chlorine gas that is normally inhaled can actually bleach the alveolus within the lungs. This is actually life threatening. What happens when our lungs are bleached? There are so many threats or consequences that comes with it. First, a person is at a high risk of contracting lung cancer. Just like smoking, inhaling chlorine will eventually lead to lung cancer. Secondly, getting high as a result of this can drive someone towards deviant behaviors such as rape. In fact a continued use of chlorine is actually a source of skin infection considering that thin skin around the lips are sensitive to such chemicals.