Heart breaking when you hear and see picture of fake goods being advertised. The first thing that comes to mind is an imagination is that human poop has been entering into your system. It is disgusting to think about this but lest have a look at the side effects of asbestos and human poo to human health. However, I guess that it is better to smoke dry human poo than asbestos. How about arsenic? As far as my thoughts can help me remember, I can tell you that arsenic is poisonous in nature.  Let’s have a look at the health related effects that comes with smoking human poo, arsenic and asbestos.

Health Effects Of Arsenic, Human Poop And Asbestos

It is crucial for us to start with the most poisonous element here. Let have a look at arsenic. Now, I do not know much about arsenic but it chemistry, it is made of elements that can cause mutation of human body tissues. Yes, and what is mutation? Mutation is the growth of malignant tissues and sometimes the death of very crucial tissues especially along the respiratory tract. When cells are mutated, they tend grow abnormally hence leading to cancerous cells in some parts of the body.

Asbestos are normally used to make a material that is fire proof and this is a material that cannot be easily burned. With fake cigarettes, the asbestos are used to make the filter part of the cigarette. Asbestos is made by coating acrylic with calcium carbonate. Since calcium carbonate is fire resistant, it becomes very difficult for it to burn and that is the reason why the filter does burn up. However, as you smoke, you always take in a toxic element created by a mixture of the fabric and the calcium carbonate. That is very dangerous to your respiratory tract.

Human poo on the other hand is not that poisonous since it has been dried to make it burn easily. Whatever you smoke in human poo is basically the roughage part of it. That means that you smoke those cellulose that the body has failed to digest. Human poo on the other hand is unhealthy as it could introduce bacterial and fungal infection to your body at any given time. Who know?

Is It Possible To Curb Fake Products Completely?

As for me, I cannot help it but think that human beings are to blame for this development. This is basically because they produce fake products just because of the love for money.