For the past two decades, there is a lot of tension happening with Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK). The world knows whatever the bomb blasts, killing tourists and Indian soldiers are happening due to Pakistan sponsored terrorists. Yet they enjoy sports at the world level by denying those terror incidences. Yet the past Indian government did not hinder any Pakistan players to come and participate in the international sports event happening in India. However, the recent attack on its security forces has led a mass revolt against Pakistan to stop all business including sports.

The stern action taken by the BJP Government on imposing 200% tax is a welcome step to stop cross-border business. India is also gaining support from UN to declare Pakistan as terror nation. The Indian people are sterner to stop cricket with Pakistan. This is seen in social media networking sites as viral news. There is no specific reply from its cricket team. Yet its ex-players are responding in social media as yes and no. The politicians are also in favor of to stop sports with Pakistan until they stop its terrorist activity in India. The death toll on February 14th 2019 is 40 CRPF personals in an IED blast. This is the largest loss and there was protest seen with masses all over India.

The present government is in its end term. They may take a decision to stop all ties with Pakistan including sports. Yesterday, India denied a visa to a Pakistan shooter to participate in a shooting competition. India is ready to pay any compensation. India will close the water sources going to Pakistan from its ground. The present government may do this to come in power once again. However, there is no official press release from the India side. Strict action will be taken, if it is a mass request. This is because Indian is the biggest fans of cricket, and it will affect ticket sales if India and Pakistan are playing together.

The Indian people are in a hope that present BJP government will stop India to play any sports with Pakistan. This is because there are daily Indian soldiers dying due to Pak sponsored terrorism. If this government does so, it will be a milestone to India and a bad name for Pakistan. This will spread its terrorist activities to the nations, which are not aware of its sponsored activities.