India is suffering from terrorist attacks for the past three decades. This is due to the prolonged Kashmir issue. Since 2000, the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) founder Masood Azhar is most wanted terrorist by India. He is being the mastermind behind major terror attacks in India. The recent suicide bomb attack on CRPF conveys on 15th February 2019 killed 41 security personals. The JeM claimed responsibility soon after this blast. India took revenge on 26th February by attacking JeM Training camp in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). This has led international attention and the majority of the UN members support India. They were in support to India declaring JeM as most wanted terror group having the base in Pakistan.

Since the Pulwama attack, Pakistan is under pressure. Pak foreign minister accepted JeM chief is in Pakistan. A recent tweet in social media said he was no more. This was under scrutiny by Indian inelegance wing. Then it was a hoax. Once again, the Pak foreign minister informed media that he is alive and suffering from renal failure. Pakistan accepted this time as it was under international pressure. Moreover, India does not believe their words as they support terror groups. This is evident from the Osama Bin Landan was hiding in Pak for more than 10-years. In this way, they are creating save heavens for terror groups on their soil. The JeM chief is dead or alive, India want to blacklist him and the next UN decision will be to announce him as a most wanted terrorist.

Internally, Pakistan supports him and sponsor for spreading violence in Kashmir. He led major three attacks killing more than 1,000 people from the past two decades. Whatever the evidence India gives against him, the Pak rejects them as baseless. The recent Pulwama attack also India gave evidence. One has to wait and watch how Pakistan is going to respond to the last dossier.

India is planning to take him from Pakistan as the US army did with Osama Bin Ladan. China is the only country, which does not recognize JeM as a terror group as they are using PoK to supply its goods via Pakistan to reach the Middle East and African market. This is where India is losing support from China. The Pakistan army supports these terrorists in their soil. They can declare him dead, and he will be living a lavish life hiding from media.