The recent terrorist attack on the security personal convey in Pulwama has severely hit Pakistan Economy. For the past three decades, India is facing terrorism by the Pakistan sponsored terrorists in the J&K State of India. The death toll of this suicide boom attack is 40-CRPF officials. India took stern action by stopping all business with Pakistan. One of the first moves was to stop trading at the cross border roads at the international border. The Indian people welcomed this move. Yet it was real damage to Pakistan based traders.

Too Late Decision By India

India is the only nation to face terror attacks daily in its Jammu & Kashmir State. Yearly more than 300 security personals are killed due to Pakistan state-sponsored terrorism over the Kashmir issue. In the past three decades, various governments said it would stop trade with Pakistan due to terror attacks. However, the BJP led Modi Government has put a full stop to Pakistan to enjoy trade with India. India does not lose anything due to stopping trade with Pakistan.

Tomato Price 180 per KG in Pakistan

After stopping border trade, Pakistan is witnessing a severe shortage of vegetables. Most of them are imported from India. Today, they are not able to buy tomatoes. Its price was nearing to 200/KG. The Pakistanis are now feeling the heat of state-sponsored terrorism in J & K. Still, their politicians reported to its media as they are using alternatives for tomatoes. Even one of their minister said they will do house farming.

Cement Traders are Hit in Pakistan

The Indian government has imposed a 200% tax on all products exported from Pakistan. This has severely hit the cement traders, who supply their cement bags through border roads. The aftermath of Pulwama attack, there were more than 500 trucks at a standstill on the border to cross India. However, India did not allow any goods to enter via border roads. The cement manufactures in Pakistan are really facing losses. This is also the same with the manufacturer of gypsum. The granite exporters also felt the heat. Hope, India will continue to take Pakistan as the hub of terrorism to this world. It is being the prey of terror since the past three decades. India has nothing to gain by trading with Pakistan. They can route the same products for their country. The Paki common people and business people are affected due to this stern action taken by the Indian government.